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We administered measures of object naming and action naming to matched groups of ten patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and ten normal control subjects. AD patients were impaired in both object and action naming, with object naming impaired to a significantly greater extent than action naming. This difference remained after controlling for the effects(More)
It is increasingly becoming known that mercury transport and speciation in the terrestrial environment play major roles in methyl-mercury bioaccumulation potential in surface water. This review discusses the principal biogeochemical reactions affecting the transport and speciation of mercury in the terrestrial watershed. The issues presented are(More)
A patient with a discrete lesion of the left, intralaminar thalamic, nuclei exhibited a paradoxical finding with regard to finger-tapping. Normal subjects typically reduce their tapping rate when performing simultaneous verbal activity. Tapping was impaired in our patient's contralesional hand on baseline trials; however, performing the controlled oral word(More)
Liepmann posited that right hand preference relates to left hemisphere dominance for learned skilled movements. Limb apraxia, impairment of skilled movement, typically occurs in individuals with left hemisphere (LH) lesions. The occurrence of apraxia in right-handed individuals following right-hemisphere lesions appears to refute Liepmann's hypothesis. We(More)
Normal subjects often demonstrate a spatial bias on line bisection (LB) and cancellation (CA) tasks. We wanted to learn if horizontal spatial bias found in normal subjects may be dissociable into sensory-attentional (ATT) and motor-intentional (INT) subgroups similar to those described in brain-injured patients with spatial neglect. We studied the influence(More)
Information concerning source area runoff characteristics during wet weather events can be very important when developing stormwater management plans that incorporate source area controls, or changes in development patterns. This information is also important when calibrating or testing many stormwater models. Unfortunately, this information is not readily(More)
Two research projects that examined source area sheetflows that were conducted in the 1990s are highlighted in this chapter. These are a comprehensive project conducted in Birmingham, AL, as part of a project developing a control strategy for critical source areas, and a series of related projects conducted in Wisconsin as part of the DNR's efforts in(More)
The relationship between autonomic-visceral arousal and emotional experience is unclear. The attribution or cognitive-arousal theory of emotional experience posits that emotional experience is dependent on both visceral-autonomic nervous system feedback and the cognitive interpretation of the stimulus that induced this visceral activation. The finding that(More)
UNLABELLED This study extends and validates a system for localizing brain activity changes based on fiducial markers, coregistration of SPECT and MRI structural images and atlas/MRI-assisted localization. METHODS Ten normal subjects underwent 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT during a resting eyes-closed baseline measurement and during visual stimulation (8-Hz reversing(More)
Blunted facial expressions and diminished expressions of emotional prosody associated with Parkinson's disease (PD) could be attributed to motor rigidity/akinesia. Although impaired recognition of emotional faces and prosody in PD suggests emotional dysfunction is not entirely motor-efferent, comprehension might depend upon imitation with motor feedback.(More)