D G Shengeliia

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The aim of the study was comparative evaluation of surgical treatment and complex pre and postoperative pleoptic, orthoptic, diploptic treatment of non accommodated concomitant strabismus and identification of the optimum age for surgical treatment of strabismus. The 75 patients (from 2 to 10 years old) with manifested concomitant convergent strabismus were(More)
Existence of the autoregulation phenomenon in the blood supply system of the optic nerve has been established in the 1990; however, some of its quantitative and qualitative characteristics still require clarification. The goal of the present work was assessment of the lower margin in autoregulation of the blood supply of the optic nerve in the rabbit in(More)
Authors examined the toxicity of antioxidant eye drops--davikoli. Antioxidants play important role in protecting the body from the formation of very dangerous substances referred to as free radicals. On the basis of honey an eye drops with high antioxidant activity--davicoli has been developed. The ocular effects of eye drops have been measured in a(More)
The paper describes results of comparative assessment of morphometric and in vivo measurements of the intraorbital part of the optic nerve and the distance from the posterior pole of the eye ball to the muscular tendon ring. It is shown that the method of ultrasound scanning is accurate enough and may be used for measuring the length of the intraorbital(More)
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