D G Scrimger

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The recent formation of a United Kingdom and Irish working group, the Body Fluids Forum (BFF), highlighted the need to investigate different working practices prior to any inter-laboratory comparison work and identification of best practice. Various dilutions of semen were seeded onto swabs and cloth samples for each BFF member laboratory to test using(More)
In the forensic science laboratory, the recovery of spermatozoa from vaginal swabs, or vaginal cells from penile swabs, can help determine if sexual intercourse may have taken place. There are several methods used to recover spermatozoa and cells from the swabs before visualisation on a microscope slide and most of these methods use water. Phosphate(More)
The detection of saliva in forensic casework is extremely important in many types of cases. This study describes a relatively sensitive method, based on a red dye bound to starch, for the detection of amylase. The sensitivity and specificity of the method has been examined by testing over 50 household products, various body fluids and five laboratory(More)
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