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We wish to thank the anonymous referee whose comments helped us in improving the contents and readibility of our paper. 16 dominating singularity t = r of d(t). By a well-known result (see Bender 1], Theorem 2), it follows that d nnk p k (r))t n ]d(t): Since we already know the asymptotic value of t n ]d(t), we o n l y h a ve to compute p k (r) f o r every(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to estimate the burden of cancer in counties affected by Hurricane Katrina using population-based cancer registry data, and to discuss issues related to cancer patients who have been displaced by disasters. METHODS The cancer burden was assessed in 75 counties in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi that were(More)
We consider the possibility of extending to a family of sets a binary set function defined on a subfamily so that the extension is, in fact, uniquely determined. We place in this context the problem of finding the least integer n(r) such that every linear code of length n with n B n(r), dimension n-r and minimum Hamming distance at least 4 has a parity(More)