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The Section of Residents’ (SOR) Council of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has representation from each training program across the nation; collectively, we represent all family medicine residents in Canada. Our mandate is to improve the quality of the family medicine residency experience and to have a positive effect on the delivery of(More)
At low bit rates CELP coders present certain artifacts generally known as hoarse and muffing characteristics. An enhancement system is developed to lessen the effects of these artifacts in CELP coded speech. In enhancement system, the high frequency components (4kHz-8kHz) are reinserted to reduce the muffing characteristics. This is achieved by using an(More)
  • Danyaal Raza
  • 2011
I n 1849, German pathologist Rudolf Virchow, regarded as the father of modern pathology, released a report that stunned the medical establishment. His report, commissioned by the Prussian government to investigate a typhus epidemic in Upper Silesia, a poor rural area of ethnic Poles, advocated 4 " radical " recommendations: the introduction of Polish as an(More)
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