D G Partridge

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BACKGROUND Seronegative villous atrophy (SNVA) is commonly attributed to coeliac disease (CD). However, there are other causes of SNVA. More recently angiotensin-2-receptor-blockers (A2RBs) have been reported as an association but data on SNVA have been limited to centres evaluating complex case referrals and not SNVA in general. OBJECTIVES To provide(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital norovirus outbreaks cause significant financial and operational disruption which should be minimised by optimal handling of affected areas and use of isolation facilities. AIM To identify factors associated with increased duration of symptoms and viral excretion and increased probability of transmission. METHODS Retrospective(More)
Artificial neural networks are computer software systems that recognize patterns in complex data sets. A recent development in neural computing, multiversion systems (MVS), has led to enhanced analytical power, and this was harnessed to demonstrate the value of risk factors in predicting the result of osteoporosis investigations by quantitative ultrasound.(More)
We describe a case of Pseudomonas mosselii prosthetic valve endocarditis that was successfully treated with antibiotic therapy in the absence of valve replacement. P. mosselii is a highly unusual cause of endocarditis and there are few case reports of curative treatment of pseudomonal prosthetic valve endocarditis with antibiotics alone.
OBJECTIVES To review the role of outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) in the management of infective endocarditis (IE) with the aim to guide further development of the service modality both locally and at other centres, in light of the evolving recommendations on patient suitability in international guidelines. METHODS A retrospective case(More)
Infection with Vibrio vulnificus is uncommon in Europe but is associated with necrotising wound infections and life-threatening septicaemia. This case is one of infection most likely to have been acquired from a thermal pool in Turkey without preceding exposure to seawater or shellfish. The report also describes how early management was optimised using(More)
A 67-year-old former gold miner with rheumatoid arthritis, treated with steroids and methotrexate, presented to eye casualty with a painful right eye. Examination revealed an anterior uveitis and despite an initial response to topical steroids, the intraocular inflammation worsened with anterior and posterior uveitis development. Re-examination showed a(More)
To the Editor: We initiated enhanced surveillance for human fascio-liasis after a reported increase in livestock cases in the United Kingdom. human cases were confi rmed by the reference laboratory for England and Wales, compared with 6 cases during the preceding 10 years. The Scottish reference laboratory detected no human cases during the study period.(More)