D G Moisescu

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1. The relative isometric tension-pCa relationship has been determined for isolated bundles of barnacle myofibrils under a variety of ionic conditions using [Ca(2+)]-buffered solutions which also contained an ATP regenerating system (creatine phosphate and creatine kinase).2. The results are in better agreement with the ;consecutive' scheme of reaction(More)
1. A procedure recently described to produce rapid changes in [Ca2+] and [Sr2+] within the whole cross-section of skinned muscle preparations (Moisescu, D.G. (1976) Nature 262, 610--613, and Moisescu, D.G. and Thieleczek, R. (1978) J. Physiol. 275, 241--262) has enabled us to obtain whole Ca2+- or Sr2+-activation curves at different sacromere lengths with(More)
1. A method for producing rapid [Ca2+] and [Sr2+] changes in the frog skinned muscle fibre preparation while maintaining constant all other cationic concentrations (Moisescu, 1976a, b) is described and analysed in detail. 2. Different experiments, some of them involving the Ca2+-sensitive photoprotein aequorin, as well as theoretical considerations,(More)
1. The tension levels of the contractures induced in frog atrial trabeculae by reduction of the bathing Na concentration have been investigated over a wide range of [Na+]o and [Ca2+]o, making use of EGTA to buffer [Ca2+]o under 10(-5)M. 2. The relationship between tension and the quotient [Ca2+]o/[Na+]2o is only an apparent one, and holds approximately for(More)
1. The effect of K+, Na+, Mg2+ and pH upon the rate of aequorin utilization has been investigated in the presence of Ca2+. 2. The aequorin light emission in a medium simulating the in vivo cationic conditions for barnacle muscle fibres indicates that two Ca2+ are apparently involved in this process for free calcium concentrations higher than approx. 10(-5)(More)