D G Grigor'ev

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The role of astrocytes in pathogenesis of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD), one of the slow virus infections of human central nervous system caused by an unconventional virus (prion) has been studied. Histological and ultrastructural examinations of the brain of both dead people and experimentally infected guinea pigs, combined with the data on(More)
The peritumor-like areas of 12 cerebral hemispheric tumors were examined. Histological study revealed vascular malformations and/or congenital tissue dysplasias in all cases: cortical disorganization, neuronal heterotopy into the white matter, neural location in the molecular cortical layer, and persistence of a subpial granular cell layer.(More)
The time-course of hemocoagulative and morphological changes affected by intravenous administration of amniotic fluids was examined in experiments on Chinchilla rabbits weighing 2.0-2.5 kg. Laboratory studies revealed profound phasic changes in hemocoagulation (hyper- and hypocoagulation) which were typical of the DIC syndrome. At the same time, pronounced(More)
Dynamics of blood coagulation and morphological changes after the intravenous administration of Salmonella typhimurium endotoxin is studied experimentally in Chinchilla rabbits. The stages of blood coagulation are established characteristic for the above syndrome. The signs of the developing blood stasiopathy with the domination of vascular wall damage and(More)
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