D. G. Grant

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Rohon-Beard cells are large, mechanosensory neurons located in the dorsal spinal cord of anamniote vertebrates. In most species studied to date, these cells die during development. We followed labeled Rohon-Beard cells in living zebrafish embryos and found that they degenerate slowly, over many days. During degeneration, the soma shrinks and finally(More)
BACKGROUND Heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) use highly sulfated polysaccharide side-chains to interact with several key growth factors and morphogens, thereby regulating their accessibility and biological activity. Various sulfotransferases and sulfatases with differing specificities control the pattern of HSPG sulfation, which is functionally(More)
This report describes computerized image enhancement and analysis from the digitized image of a wide-field specular micrograph to produce an output of frequency distribution of cell areas. The steps involved including image smoothing and averaging, followed by automated scanning to detect individual cell boundaries, and cell area calculation. The(More)
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