D. G. Gordon

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An investigation was carried out to quantitatively evaluate left ventricular volume flow rate, momentum, force and impulse derived from application of conservation principles for mass and momentum of blood within the ventricle during the ejection phase. An automated digital image processing system was developed and applied to left ventricular angiograms(More)
The evolutionary success of ants and other social insects is considered to be intrinsically linked to division of labor and cooperative behavior, including task specialization and emergent collective intelligence. Selection for both individualand colony-level behavioral performance concerns the role of the brains of individual workers in generating(More)
Social insects may have morphologically and behaviorally specialized workers that vary in requirements for sensory information processing, making them excellent systems to examine the relationship between brain structure and behavior. The density and size of synaptic complexes (microglomeruli, MG) in the mushroom bodies (MB) have served as proxies for(More)
The ejection stage of the left ventricle of the heart is analyzed using the proper form of Newton's Second Law of Motion and a simple cylindrical ventricular model. The Laplace relation is then used to calculate the dynamic relationship between force, velocity and acceleration in an average, circumferential, equitorial myocardial wall fiber, yielding: Fm=Fa(More)
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