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Activities of the extracellular enzymes beta-glucosidase and phosphatase and bacterial densities were investigated during the filtration process at several sites in a groundwater recharge plant at the Ruhr river (Hengsen recharge plant in Schwerte. Germany). Low numbers of microorganisms and low levels of activity in this type of habitat, compared to most(More)
This paper analyzes the gender wage disparities among rural-urban migrants in urban China using a nationally representative data set. On average, female migrants earn only 66% of their male counterparts' average hourly wage. And the gender wage gap is not uniform across migrants' wage distribution with differentials much higher at the top end than at the(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT The prototypical sample selection model consists of a two-equation system: one equation representing the selection mechanism and the second a continuous outcome variable that is only observed for the selected cases. A variant of this model where the outcome variable is binary leads to a bivariate probit model with sample selection. A Monte(More)
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