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BACKGROUND Previous research has provided evidence for brain abnormalities in schizophrenia, but their relationship to specific clinical symptoms and syndromes remains unclear. METHODS With an all-male demographically similar sample of 53 schizophrenic patients and 29 normal control subjects, cerebral gray and white matter volumes (adjusted for(More)
The association between a new human herpesvirus-like agent and various forms of Kaposi's sarcoma was examined by PCR. The DNA sequences of this agent were detected in 7 of 8 classic Kaposi's sarcoma specimens, 12 of 12 AIDS-associated specimens from the United States, and 7 of 10 specimens from African endemic Kaposi's sarcoma. Polymorphism of the(More)
Recently, DNA sequences of what appear to be a unique human herpesvirus-like agent (HHV-8) have been detected in different types of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) tumors (Chang, Y., E.C. Cesarman, M.S. Pessin, F. Lee, J.C. Culpepper, D.M. Knowles, and P.S. Moore. 1994. Science (Wash. DC). 266:1865-1869). To further elucidate the possibility that HHV-8 plays a role(More)
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