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We introduce and demonstrate an NMR pulsed gradient stimulated echo method of directly obtaining the molecular translational displacement probability (displacement profile) of a liquid. The temporal development of the displacement profile reflects the presence of diffusion, restrictions to diffusion (e.g., walls, membranes), flow, and spatially dependent(More)
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) provides an experimental setting to explore physical implementations of quantum information processing (QIP). Here we introduce the basic background for understanding applications of NMR to QIP and explain their current successes, limitations and potential. NMR spectroscopy is well known for its wealth of diverse coherent(More)
We report a systematic study of xenon gas diffusion NMR in simple model porous media, random packs of mono-sized glass beads, and focus on three specific areas peculiar to gas-phase diffusion. These topics are: (i) diffusion of spins on the order of the pore dimensions during the application of the diffusion encoding gradient pulses in a PGSE experiment(More)
The application of new gradient, high-resolution, magic angle spinning (MAS) 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to the study of intact undifferentiated and differentiated NIH 3T3 F442A cells demonstrated improved spectral resolution and sensitivity compared with static studies. MAS of cells permits the detection and quantitation of many(More)
A potential relationship between structural compartments in neural tissue and NMR parameters may increase the specificity of MRI in diagnosing diseases. Nevertheless, our understanding of MR of nerves and white matter is limited, particularly the influence of various water compartments on the MR signal is not known. In this study, components of the (1)H(More)
NMR images of laser polarized 3He gas were obtained at 21 G using a simple, homebuilt instrument. At such low fields magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of thermally polarized samples (e.g., water) is not practical. Low-field noble gas MRI has novel scientific, engineering, and medical applications. Examples include portable systems for diagnosis of lung(More)
We demonstrate the protection of one bit of quantum information against all collective noise in three nuclear spins. Because no subspace of states offers this protection, the quantum bit was encoded in a proper noiseless subsystem. We therefore realize a general and efficient method for protecting quantum information. Robustness was verified for a full set(More)
Robust measurement of single quantum bits plays a key role in the realization of quantum computation and communication as well as in quantum metrology and sensing. We have implemented a method for the improved readout of single electronic spin qubits in solid-state systems. The method makes use of quantum logic operations on a system consisting of a single(More)
Development of imaging techniques that would allow the mapping of immune cells in vivo could greatly aid our understanding of a number of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The current study focused on imaging of autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells by cytotoxic lymphocytes, the cause of insulin-dependent diabetes(More)
A quantum Fourier transform (QFT) has been implemented on a three qubit nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) quantum computer to extract the periodicity of an input state. Implementation of a QFT provides a first step towards the realization of Shor's factoring and other quantum algorithms. The experimental implementation of the QFT on a periodic state is(More)