D. G. Baramidze

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The effects of focal electrical stimulation of the nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM) and hypercapnia on diameter of the pial artery and regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the parietal cortex were examined in urethane-anesthetized rats. The diameter of pial artery was measured using the video microscope and cortical CBF was measured using the laser Doppler(More)
In experiments with adult rabbits the active microvascular segments located at particular sites of the minor pial arterial ramifications were investigated. These appeared as sphincters at off-shoots of the arterial branches, the precortical arteries, and the arterial microanastomoses. The sphincters and the precortical arteries were found plentifully(More)
Structural peculiarities of pial arteries and their active microvascular segments-sphincters in offshoots and precortical arteries have been investigated, using electron and light microscopy. Our studies have revealed that these vascular segments, which can independently change their lumen, possess multiple myoendothelial junctions, as well as(More)
Microscopic investigations of intravitally fixed intermediate vascular segments between the the pial arteries and the radial arteries of the cerebral cortex (the preeortieal arteries) in arterial hypertension produced by slow intravenous injection of noradrenalin into rabbits revealed marked constriction of these arteries and corresponding changes in the(More)