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A strictly determined number of external sensory organs, macrochaetes, acting as mechanoreceptors, are orderly located on drosophila head and body. Totally, they form the bristle pattern, which is a species-specific characteristic of drosophila.Each mechanoreceptor comprises four specialized cells derived from the single sensory organ precursor (SOP) cell.(More)
Spatial distributions of the gain and temperature across the flow were studied for transonic and supersonic schemes of the iodine injection in a slit nozzle supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser as a function of the iodine and secondary nitrogen flow rate, jet penetration parameter and gas pumping rate. The mixing efficiency for supersonic injection of(More)
A model is developed that describes the power extraction in chemical oxygen-iodine lasers (COIL's) and CO(2) gasdynamic lasers with stable resonators when a large number of transverse Hermite-Gaussian eigenmodes oscillate. The extraction efficiency, mode intensities, and intensity distribution along the flow depend only on two parameters. The first is the(More)
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