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The yield of single-strand breaks (ssb) and double-strand breaks (dsb) produced by alpha-particles at the end of their track in DNA-films was determined experimentally. Helium nuclei were accelerated to 600 keV in the 400 kV ion accelerator and scattered at a carbon target. The elastically scattered alpha-particles with energies of 344 keV and 485 keV were(More)
MoEDAL is designed to identify new physics in the form of long-lived highly ionizing particles produced in high-energy LHC collisions. Its arrays of plastic nuclear-track detectors and aluminium trapping volumes provide two independent passive detection techniques. We present here the results of a first search for magnetic monopole production in 13 TeV(More)
TRIUMF's Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear science (TITAN) constitutes the only high precision mass measurement setup coupled to a rare isotope facility capable of increasing the charge state of short-lived nuclides prior to the actual mass determination in a Penning trap. Recent developments around TITAN's charge breeder, the electron beam ion trap, form the(More)
The double-differential cross sections for the 48Ca(p,n) and 48Ti(n,p) reactions were measured at 300 MeV. A multipole decomposition technique was applied to the spectra to extract the Gamow-Teller (GT) components. The integrated GT strengths up to an excitation energy of 30 MeV in 48Sc are 15.3+/-2.2 and 2.8+/-0.3 in the (p,n) and (n,p) spectra,(More)
A new experimental approach to the famous problem of the anomalously slow Gamow-Teller (GT) transitions in the beta decay of the A=14 multiplet is presented. The GT strength distributions to excited states in 14C and 14O were studied in high-resolution (d,2He) and (3He,t) charge-exchange reactions on 14N. No-core shell-model calculations capable of(More)
In this Letter, we introduce the concept of in-trap nuclear decay spectroscopy of highly charged radioactive ions and describe its successful application as a novel spectroscopic tool. This is demonstrated by a measurement of the decay properties of radioactive mass A=124 ions (here, ^{124}In and ^{124}Cs) in the electron-beam ion trap of the TITAN facility(More)
The atomic mass relations among the mass triplet ^{96}Zr, ^{96}Nb, and ^{96}Mo have been determined by means of high-precision mass measurements using the JYFLTRAP mass spectrometer at the IGISOL facility of the University of Jyväskylä. We report Q values for the ^{96}Zr single and double β decays to ^{96}Nb and ^{96}Mo, as well as the Q value for the(More)
The strength of the Ec.m. = 184 keV resonance in the 26gAl(p, gamma)27 reaction has been measured in inverse kinematics using the DRAGON recoil separator at TRIUMF's ISAC facility. We measure a value of omega gamma = 35 +/- 7 microeV and a resonance energy of Ec.m. = 184 +/- 1 keV, consistent with p-wave proton capture into the 7652(3) keV state in 27Si,(More)
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