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Monte Carlo methods fulfil an important dual role. At a specific level, they provide a general-purpose numerical approach to problems in a wide range of topics. Using such methods, we can explore the characteristics of specific systems without introducing untestable approximations. To show the generality and breadth of Monte Carlo approaches and to point(More)
High-performance liquid chromatography has become an important analytical tool for the quantitation of opioid drugs. Using solid-phase extraction and coulometric electrochemical detection, we have developed a chromatographic method for the simultaneous measurement of morphine and hydromorphone which is both sensitive and specific. Using 1 ml of plasma,(More)
We recently fabricated chalcogenide photonic crystal slabs (PCSs) using focused ion beam milling. We demonstrated over 98% coupling efficiency to a two-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide in a chalcogenide membrane using evanescent coupling via a tapered optical fibre nanowire. The presentation will discuss the design, fabrication and characterization of(More)
Crude product mixtures from the solid-phase synthesis of a series of peptides were analyzed by on-line packed, fused silica column mu-HPLC/Continuous Flow Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry (mu-HPLC/CF-FABMS). The technique is superior to the direct FAB analysis of crude product mixtures since competitive ionization and suppression effects are not(More)
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