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A large-signal electrothermal model for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs including gate and drain related trapping effects is proposed here. This nonlinear model is well formulated to preserve convergence capabilities and simulation times. Extensive measurements have demonstrated the impact of trapping effects on the shapes of I(V) characteristics, as well as load cycles.(More)
This paper describes the performances of a new power 0.5 μm gate length AlGaN / GaN HEMT process named GH50_10. This process has been developed to address applications and market needs up to 7 GHz. A specific emphasis has been attached to find a trade- off in between power / efficiency and linearity. After an introduction of the context, a short(More)
The performances and the results of the qualification plan of the new high power GaN HEMT process GH25-10 are summarized in this paper. This technology would be the first ¼ gate length process qualified in Europe on 4” SiC substrate and will be fully open in foundry mode mid of 2014. It addresses applications up to 20 GHz with state of the art(More)
Applications in the range of E to W bands are emerging during the last years specially in the field of Radio and security for active scanning systems. It required both low noise receiver and medium power amplifier which needs to use high performances, reliable millimeter wave technology. This paper describes basic fundamental of a 0.1 μm gate length(More)
A new model for GaInP/GaAs power heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT) is proposed. This non-linear electrothermal and fully scalable model was designed with closed-form equations in order to reduce simulation times in complex circuits like high power amplifiers (HPA) and to have good convergence capabilities at high compression levels. This paper(More)
This paper presents the results obtained on X-Band GaN MMICs developed in the frame of the Kerrigan project launched by the European Defense Agency. A new step was achieved, 58 W of output power with 38% PAE in X-Band were obtained using an 18 mm <sup>2</sup> 2-stages amplifier. To our knowledge, these results present a new state-of-the-art of X-Band MMIC(More)
This paper presents recent results on highly integrated internally-matched Gallium Nitride transistors in S and C-band. The concept and the advantages of &#x201C;Quasi MMIC&#x201D; devices are described, showing the high potentialities for performance improvements and cost reductions. Using Gallium Arsenide based passive MMICs for input and/or output(More)
This paper proposes a packaged transistor modeling using lumped elements. This model allows studying the input impedance dispersion when a range of variation is applied to various package components. This dispersion is also highlighted when a load impedance variation is applied to the package transistor. It is demonstrated that this dispersion can be(More)
GaN technology has gained a lot of attention in Europe over the last few years for various domains including RF electronics. This paper will try to summarize the current status achieved and illustrate it with a few representative examples. Due to the importance of the subject this paper will focus solely on the RF electronics related topics, which should be(More)