D. Fischer

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MOTIVATION A large fraction of open reading frames (ORFs) identified as 'hypothetical' proteins correspond to either 'conserved hypothetical' proteins, representing sequences homologous to ORFs of unknown function from other organisms, or to hypothetical proteins lacking any significant sequence similarity to other ORFs in the databases. Elucidating the(More)
Six-micron paraffin sections of paraformaldehyde-fixed specimens of 24 ovarian benign and neoplastic specimens were assayed for tumor cell-specific oncogene expression by a sensitive, quantitative in situ hybridization technique with probes for 17 oncogenes, beta-actin, and E. coli beta-lactamase. In the benign, borderline, and invasive adenocarcinomas,(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively compare subjective radiological quality, radiation dose and effect on workflow using digital radiography (DR) vs. conventional screen film (SF) radiography in the Small Bowel Follow-Through (SBFT) examination. METHODS Five attending and four resident radiologists compared hard-copy images from 11 SBFT examinations, for which every(More)
Progress in medical diagnosis and therapy has raised new problems with far-reaching ethical implications. Medicine must remain a profession and not become a business. Textbooks must address ethical problems in the context of health care decisions and not restrict themselves to pathophysiology and practical therapeutics alone. The relative roles of the(More)
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