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We show that the minimization of the Lagrangian action functional on suitable classes of symmetric loops yields collisionless periodic orbits of the n-body problem, provided that some simple conditions on the symmetry group are satisfied. More precisely, we give a fairly general condition on symmetry groups G of the loop space Λ for the n-body problem (with(More)
GBV-C/HGV RNA was investigated in serum samples from 70 HIV(+) intravenous drug users (IVDU), as well as from 200 blood donors from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Viral RNA was demonstrated in 21 IVDU by reverse transcription-nested PCR of the 5' UTR. c-DNA amplified products were analyzed and their sequences compared with those downloaded from GenBank. A(More)
A phylogenetic tree based on 150 5' untranslated region sequences deposited in GenBank database allowed segregation of the sequences into three major groups, including two subgroups, i.e., 1, 2a, 2b, and 3, supported by bootstrap analysis. Restriction site analysis of these sequences predicted that HinfI and either AatII or AciI could be used for genomic(More)
A stratified bundle is a fibered space in which strata are classical bundles and in which attachment of strata is controlled by a structure category F of fibers. Well known results on fibre bundles are shown to be true for stratified bundles; namely the pull back theorem, the bundle theorem and the principal bundle theorem. AMS SC : 55R55 (Fiberings with(More)
PURPOSE A movement protocol for quantifying functional limitation in people with Down syndrome (DS) during the execution of a series of range of motion (ROM) tasks has been developed as a new assessment approach, combining quantitative measures of movement analysis and functional mobility with clinically established qualitative motor skill assessments. (More)
We consider periodic and quasi-periodic solutions of the three-body problem with homogeneous potential from the point of view of equivariant calculus of variations. First, we show that symmetry groups of the Lagrangian action functional can be reduced to groups in a finite explicitly given list, after a suitable change of coordinates. Then, we show that(More)
Periodic and quasi-periodic solutions of the n-body problem can be found as minimizers of the Lagrangian action functional restricted to suitable spaces of symmetric paths. The main purpose of this paper is to develop a systematic approach to the equivariant minimization for the three-body problem in the three-dimensional space. First we give a finite(More)
We show that the Atiyah-Hirzebruch K-theory of spaces admits a canonical generalization for stratified spaces. For this we study algebraic constructions on stratified vector bundles. In particular the tangent bundle of a stratified manifold is such a stratified vector bundle. 1 Families of vector spaces Let R be the field of real numbers and R = R ⊕ · · · ⊕(More)