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In the Aral Sea basin, human activities have resulted in the severe degradation of water and soil, which is considered to cause serious human health problems. This study investigated the risk factors: water, sanitation and related hygiene issues for diarrhoeal disease in Khorezm province, Uzbekistan. The risk factors were studied using a combination of(More)
Children in Central Asia and the Middle East bear disproportionate environmental threats to health, of which the most widespread and serious result from poverty, malnutrition, lack of access to safe drinking water and food, and exposures to toxic chemicals. Their psychological health is threatened in several parts of this region by internal wars and strife.(More)
In patients with uveitis of infectious etiology, a significant increase in the index of intoxication and acute inflammation (the Leukocyte Intoxication Index -LII), by 3.4 times on average, was observed. At the same time, this increase in the LII index, in our opinion, was due to the decrease in the percentage of eosinophils in the blood, which in turn(More)
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