D. Fava

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BACKGROUND The cows' milk hypothesis for the cause of insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM) is based on the concept that early consumption of cows' milk may expose the immune system to a foreign protein possessing immunological cross-reactivity with an antigen present on pancreatic beta-cells. METHODS We measured in-vitro peripheral lymphocyte response to(More)
The development of an instrument--the Metaphoric Triads Task (MTT)--for the assessment of metaphoric comprehension is described. In the tradition of earlier cognitive-style research, a visual triad format was adopted that offered three possible pairings of pictorial stimuli, one of which was metaphorical in character. A subject's score reflects the number(More)
Recent research suggests that extinction occurring shortly after fear conditioning attenuates spontaneous recovery and reinstatement of fear. Two experiments investigated whether immediate extinction would prevent spontaneous recovery and reinstatement of fear using a passive avoidance paradigm. In Experiment 1, naive female adult rats (N = 40) received(More)
Using a retrograde amnesia procedure, the susceptibility of the extinction of fear conditioning was assessed in two experiments. Extinction of a passive-avoidance task was impaired by a body-cooling treatment (e.g., hypothermia; [7]) which was too mild to induce amnesia for the avoidance training, suggesting that the memory for extinction is more(More)
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