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Using rf pulse compression it will be possible to boost the SOto lOO-MW output expected from high-power microwave tubes operating in the loto 20-GHz frequency range to the 300to lOOO-MW level required by the next generation of high-gradient linacs for linear colliders. A high-power X-band three-stage binary rf pulse compressor has been implemented and(More)
From the following description, it will be seen that SLED raises the accelerator peak energy by 40% if the present 2.7 1s RF pulse length is used. The energy increase ” is 80% if the pulse length is extended to 5 ps. TO do this, however, changes have to be made in the modulators and trigger system, and the maximum repetition rate has to be halved to(More)
We report a compact and reliable MIMCAP directly on backside through via (MIMCAP-On-Via). The potential performance effects of a capacitor on backside via is explored with changing via density and the total number of vias. The MIMCAP-On-Via reliability was verified using a time dependant dielectric breakdown mode, and its reliability is comparable to a(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate a vertically integrated 3-D MMIC phase shifter at 8 GHz that utilizes a 5-layer benzocyclobutene (BCB) process providing a total of 7 metal layers. This multi-layer technology is fully compatible with Northrop Grumman's 0.15 um GaAs HEMT technology and enables a high level of MMIC compaction which will substantially reduce the(More)
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