D. Fabris

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Digital signatures allow us to produce documents whose integrity and authenticity, as we generated them, is verifiable by anybody who has access to our public key. Furthermore , we cannot repudiate those documents as something we never saw, let alone signed, since nobody else but us could access our private key. In this paper we show how the previous(More)
Bovine immunodeficiency virus Gag proteins were purified from virions, and their amino acid sequences and molecular masses were determined. The matrix, capsid, and nucleocapsid (MA, CA, and NC, respectively) and three smaller proteins (p2L, p3, and p2) were found to have molecular masses of 14.6, 24.6, and 7.3 and 2.5, 2.7, and 1.9 kDa, respectively. The(More)
For many years, all the internal fixation devices available for the surgical treatment of thoracolumbar fractures [Harrington rods (HR); Luque rods (LR); Hartshill rectangle (HTR); Roy Camille plates (RCP)] were not always able to distribute all the reductive strains (distraction, compression, derotation), or to guarantee solid stabilization without(More)
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