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From natural samples 11 isolates able to remove trichloroethene (CCl2CHl) from an aqueousenvironment were obtained which were capable of cometabolic degradation of CCl2CHCl by an enzyme system for phenol degradation. At an initial CCl2CHCl concentration of 1 mg/L, the resting cells of particular cultures degraded 33–94% CCl2CHCl during 1 d and their(More)
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is in preparation at CERN, and the ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus) and CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) collaborations have recently presented Technical Proposals for the construction of two general purpose experiments. Even though ATLAS and CMS are primarily conceived and optimized for high-luminosity LHC operation, namely in(More)
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