D. F. V. James

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Synopsis Following development of a filament-stretching extensional rheometer at Monash University, similar rheometers have been designed and built in other laboratories. To help validate the basic technique, a collaborative program was undertaken to compare results from several instruments. First, three test fluids prepared at the University of California(More)
We report the creation of a wide range of quantum states with controllable degrees of entanglement and entropy using an optical two-qubit source based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion. The states are characterized using measures of entanglement and entropy determined from tomographically determined density matrices. The tangle-entropy plane is(More)
Much like its classical counterpart, which aims at reconstructing three-dimensional images via a series of two-dimensional projections along various 'cuts', quantum tomography characterizes the complete quantum state of a particle or particles through a series of measurements in different bases. While the characterization of a classical object can involve a(More)
Thickened liquids are frequently used in the management of oropharyngeal dysphagia. Previous studies suggest that compression of a liquid bolus between the tongue and the palate in the oral phase of swallowing serves a sensory function, enabling the tuning of motor behavior to match the viscosity of the bolus. However, the field lacks information regarding(More)
A-G S. Aaronson (I), Generalizing and derandomizing Gurvits's approximation algorithm for the permanent (7&8) 541 S. Aaronson (II), BosonSampling is far from uniform (15&16) 1383 P. Agrawal, see I. Chakrabarty C.D. de Albuquerque, Families of codes of topological quantum codes from tessellations tessellations {4i+2,2i+1}, {4i,4i}, {8i-4,4} and ${12i-6,3}(More)
Characterizing entanglement in all but the simplest case of a two qubit pure state is a hard problem, even understanding the relevant experimental quantities that are related to entanglement is difficult. It may not be necessary, however, to quantify the entanglement of a state in order to quantify the quantum information processing significance of a state.(More)
Laboratory strongly supports academic freedom and a researcher's right to publish; therefore, the Laboratory as an institution does not endorse the viewpoint of a publication or guarantee its technical correctness. Abstract The development and theory of an experiment t o i n v estigate quantum computation with trapped calcium ions is described. The ion(More)
Distributions of force, bending moment and torque are determined by structural analysis for an osseointegrated dental implant system. The system is a dental prosthesis rigidly connected to bone by implants. Since the implants have the lowest flexural rigidity of the structural components, they are considered to be the only elastic components of the system.(More)