D. F. V. James

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We report the creation of a wide range of quantum states with controllable degrees of entanglement and entropy using an optical two-qubit source based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion. The states are characterized using measures of entanglement and entropy determined from tomographically determined density matrices. The tangle-entropy plane is(More)
Much like its classical counterpart, which aims at reconstructing three-dimensional images via a series of two-dimensional projections along various 'cuts', quantum tomography characterizes the complete quantum state of a particle or particles through a series of measurements in different bases. While the characterization of a classical object can involve a(More)
Laboratory strongly supports academic freedom and a researcher's right to publish; therefore, the Laboratory as an institution does not endorse the viewpoint of a publication or guarantee its technical correctness. Abstract The development and theory of an experiment t o i n v estigate quantum computation with trapped calcium ions is described. The ion(More)
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