D. F. Radcliffe

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This paper presents the results of a survey of CAD users that examined the ways in which their computational environment may influence their ability to design creatively. This extensive online survey builds upon the findings of an earlier observational case study of the use of computer tools by a small engineering team. The case study was conducted during(More)
This article describes a concept of using the House of Quality matrix tool to aid the process of designing customized seating. The work of a cross-function team in two seating clinics was videotaped. At a later date the information derived from the videotapes was analyzed using a House of Quality matrix. We were interested in the capacity of House of(More)
Computer-aided design (CAD) and related technologies are having a dramatic impact upon manufacturing industry. The advantages of these technologies over traditional methods include improved accuracy and quality, reduced product development time and ease of product modification and hence customization. The resultant increases in productivity, whilst(More)
Software Development is an infant engineering discipline compared with other engineering areas. The ability of programs, Program Managers, and Lead Software Engineers to effectively measure how a program is doing is increasingly difficult based on shifting requirements, resource constraints, familiarity of the development domain, etc. The Department of the(More)
The objectives of this project were to examine how members of a colocated rehabilitation engineering team communicate during their work and hence deduce the implications of these communications for the design of video-based technologies to support communication among members of a virtual rehabilitation engineering team. Twenty-four assessment clinic(More)
An optical device has been developed to enable a high-level quadriplegic to control two degrees-of-freedom of a manipulative-type orthosis by natural head movements. A photosensitive array on the orthosis ‘locks’ onto and follows a beam of light from a head-mounted light-emitting diode, facilitating a closed-loop mode of control as opposed to the currently(More)
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