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Previous studies have suggested that cognitive assessments of adult psychiatric patients can be carried out as reliably via teleconsultation as they can face to face. However, the designs of these studies have often been less than satisfactory. The present study used videoconferencing at 128 kbit/s for the cognitive assessment of individuals with a history(More)
Telemedicine may be useful in the delivery of clinical psychology services in the Highlands of Scotland, where geographical size and sociodemographic factors can hinder service delivery. The Highlands have a population of 210,000 at a density of approximately 8 people/km2, one of the lowest in the European Union. Despite a general lack of formal evaluation(More)
This paper describes a brief questionnaire designed to assess patient satisfaction with outpatient services at a general hospital. Its application in the evaluation of services in a hospital in the Highland Area of Scotland is outlined, demonstrating how it can be used to highlight aspects of services that are satisfactory, and those that require(More)
Studies of the victims of road traffic accidents and of violent crime have shown that a significant minority continue to display mood disorders and posttraumatic symptoms one year later; however, few studies have been conducted on victims of other kinds of accident. Thirty-one subjects admitted to hospitals after a mountain accident in the Scottish(More)
Emphasis is often placed on minimizing radiation dose in diagnostic imaging without a complete consideration of the effect on image quality, especially those that affect diagnostic accuracy. This session will include a patient image-based review of diagnostic quantities important to radiologists in conventional radiography, including the effects of body(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the distribution of the deviation index (DI) in digital radiography practices across the United States. METHODS DI data was obtained from 10 collaborating institutions in the United States between 2012 and 2015. Each institution complied with the requirements of the Institutional Review Board at their site. DI data from radiographs(More)
  • D F Peck
  • Journal of affective disorders
  • 1990
Differencing and cross-correlations are useful and straightforward methods for dealing with relationships between variables measured over short periods of time. Without such transformations of time-series data, spurious relationships may emerge and the true nature of underlying relationships may be obscured. This reanalysis of data from Carney et al. (1989)(More)
Mental health trusts serving scattered rural communities face particular challenges when attempting to identify and meet unmet need. A number of social, geographical and practical factors are involved. Kim Kirkwood and David Peck describe one such survey, carried out by the Highland Communities NHS Trust, the failure of which raises a number of important(More)