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Penicillin acylase substrates suitable for colorimetric determination of the enzyme activity have been tested in this study. The kinetic parameters (Km and kcat) have been elucidated for the following nine substrates: six phenylacetic acid derivatives (p-nitroanilide, p-nitrophenyl ester, p-nitro-m-carboxyanilide, p-nitro-o-carboxyanilide,(More)
Until recently, the biocatalytic preparation of enantiomerically pure amines was based on stereoselective acyl transfer in an organic medium using activated acyl donors. The possibility of performing an effective and enantioselective enzymatic acylation of amines in an aqueous medium without using activated acyl donors was demonstrated for the first time as(More)
Residue phenylalanine 71 of the β-chain of penicillin acylase from E. coli is involved in substrate binding and chiral discrimination of its enantiomers. Different amino acid residues have been introduced at position βF71, and the mutants were studied with respect to their enantioselectivity and substrate specificity. Some mutants demonstrated remarkably(More)
Comparative pharmacokinetics of anti-influenza drug composition Antigrippin-maximum administered in capsules and a powder for preparing solutions has been studied after single administraton in a group of 18 healthy volunteers. Both preparations [manufactured by the Antiviral Research and Production Corporation (St Petersbutg) contain 6 active components,(More)
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