D F Gudermuth

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Estradiol (E2), testosterone (T) and progesterone (P4) concentrations were determined by enzyme-immunoassay in aqueous extracts of fecal samples obtained during anestrus, proestrus, estrus and metestrus of 11 nonpregnant and 11 pregnant bitches. Fecal hormone concentrations (ng/g) changed in relation to stage of cycle. Mean fecal steroid concentrations in(More)
Cats are considered to be reflex ovulators that exhibit a luteal phase (pregnancy or pseudopregnancy) only after copulatory stimulation. In a group-housed colony of 15 1-year-old domestic queens, 23 noncopulatory, spontaneous ovulations were observed in 87% of the queens over 4.5 months based upon the detection of increased concentrations of progesterone in(More)
The probability that a successful pregnancy will follow postpartum estrus in the rat is significantly reduced when the postpartum female is housed with another female that is both pregnant and lactating. We studied 16 pairs of females, each pair maintained in a separate nesting environment containing a sexually active male. In 12 of the pairs, the female(More)
Social influences on the sexual maturation of female Djungarian hamsters were investigated in two experiments. In the first experiment females were housed from weaning with an adult male, by themselves, or with a weanling sister. Maturation was accelerated in females housed with males as indicated by younger age at first ovulation, increased rates of(More)
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