D F Bogdanski

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In a low-sodium, choline+ (Ch+) medium, rat heart slices, that were labelled in vivo with [3H]norepinephrine, exhibited a delayed Ca2+-dependent release of radioactivity, these radioactive compounds consisted of both amines and deaminated metabolites. The Ca2+-dependent release of radioactivity was largely blocked by cocaine suggesting that the release may(More)
A Ca++-dependent secretion of norepinephrine ([3H]NE) was evoked in adrenergic nerve endings in rat heart ventricle slices incubated in a modified Krebs-HCO3 medium containing choline Cl as the replacement for NaCl (Ch+-Ca++). Exogenous ATP inhibited secretion and lithium ion, a known inhibitor of NE uptake dependent upon Mg++-ATPase activity in vesicles(More)
Reports from this laboratory have suggested that the secretion of norepinephrine (NE) in slices of ventricle from the rat heart, incubated in a medium of choline and Ca2+ (Ch+-Ca2+) deprived of Na+, is mediated by the outward transport of NE (blocked by cocaine) from synaptic vesicles fused or attached to the axolemma. Lithium (and reserpine), block the(More)
Rat hearts were labelled with [3H]norepinephrine in vivo. Slices of ventricles were prepared, preincubated in Krebs-HCO3 medium (KRB), and then incubated in a Na+-deficient, choline+-Krebs HCO3 (Ch+-Ca2+). The choline+-Krebs HCO3 medium induced a delayed neurosecretion which could be inhibited by either one of the blockers of the uptake of NE, cocaine or(More)
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