D. F. Barrow

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The passivation requirements for high-power 980-nm and mid-power 780-nm quantum-well (QW) ridge-waveguide (RWG) Al-containing laser diodes cleaved in air were investigated. In a direct comparison with argon ablation, sulphation, and silicon-barrier-passivation techniques, nitrided facets with a silicon nitride barrier layer exhibited up to an order of(More)
Chip based particle sensing using 3D capillary fill microfluidics integrated with monolithically integrated lasers and photodetectors is used to demonstrate the feasibility of true chip scale photonic measurements of fluids. The approach is scalable and manufactured using industry standard compound semiconductor fabrication tools. The need for fluid speed(More)
Louise Adams, D. F. Barrow, W. S. Beckwith, Felix Bernstein, R. G. Blake, T. A. Botts, C. P. Brady, A. T. Brauer, E. T. Browne, G. S. Bruton, R. S. Burington, E. A. Cameron, Leonard Carlitz, M. D. Clement, A. C. Cohen, J. B. Coleman, J. C. Currie, D. C. Dearborn, F. G. Dressel, L. A. Dye, Myrtle Edwards, W. W. Elliott, F. A. Ficken, Tomlinson Fort, A. S.(More)
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