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In genetic disorders associated with premature neuronal death, symptoms may not appear for years or decades. This delay in clinical onset is often assumed to reflect the occurrence of age-dependent cumulative damage. For example, it has been suggested that oxidative stress disrupts metabolism in neurological degenerative disorders by the cumulative damage(More)
Fifty-nine patients were treated in a prospective, randomized comparison of pentobarbital and mannitol for the control of intracranial hypertension resulting from head injury. Patients with elevated intracranial pressure (ICP) after evacuation of intracranial hematomas were randomized to one of two treatment groups; mannitol initially or pentobarbital(More)
SUMMARY Likelihood is widely used in statistical applications, both for the full parameter by obvious direct calculation and for component interest parameters by recent asymptotic theory. Often, however, we want more detailed information concerning an inference procedure , information such as say the distribution function of a measure of departure which(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether there have been epidemiologic changes in acute spinal cord injury. Two groups of patients injured in the same geographic area were compared: the first group of 351 patients was injured between 1947 and 1973; and the second group of 201 patients between 1974 and 1981. The results showed that there were indeed(More)
Although epidemiological and biochemical evidence suggests that aluminium may be associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD), there is no convincing proof of a causal link for aluminium in disease progression. We have completed a two year, single-blind study to investigate whether the progression of dementia could be slowed by the trivalent ion chelator,(More)
The relation between various ERP components generated during encoding of a word and its subsequent recall were investigated using a "rote" serial-order and an "elaborative" category memory task. Words (flashed separately) were time-locked to EEG recordings from 21 cortical sites. ERP components from the five subjects having the highest recall scores were(More)
This manual presents examples of the use of Symbolic Computation for Statistical Inference using R. A full discussion of the theory on which the computations are based is found in the book by Jamie Stafford and the author of the same title. This implementation uses simpler notation appropriate for computing in R. General procedures are defined which may be(More)
The role of surgery in the management of acute spinal cord or cauda equina injuries remains controversial. The present study analyzed ten admission features and three outcome variables in 208 patients treated in an Acute Spinal Cord Injury Unit, 116 (56%) of whom underwent at least one spinal operation. The surgical and non-surgical groups showed no(More)