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Purkinje cell dendritic arborizations were studied in HRP intracellularly stained mature neurons grown during 30-50 days in organotypic cerebellar cultures from newborn kittens. The effects of afferent fiber depletions on the final dendritic topological parameters were investigated by computer assisted methods. Three differently deafferented models lacking(More)
The morphologic and functional properties of the Purkinje cells (P-cells) grown for 10-11 weeks in organotypic cultures from newborn kitten cerebella were studied and compared to cultures which had been grown for 4-5 weeks under the same standard conditions. Electrophysiological and morphological data were obtained from HRP iontophoretically labeled neurons(More)
After a long exposure to far-red light (20 hrs, 715 mn) a short red irradiation does not induce germination again. After shorter exposure to far-red (10 hrs) the reversible red far-red reaction takes place. The germination in complete darkness is probably due to the presence of Pfr 1 in dry seeds. The photoinhibition of the germination by far-red light(More)
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