D Erbelding

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1. The effects of anandamide on [3H]-acetylcholine release and muscle contraction were studied on the myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle preparation of the guinea-pig ileum preincubated with [3H]-choline. 2. Anandamide increased both basal [3H]-acetylcholine release (pEC(50) 6.3) and muscle tone (pEC(50) 6.3). The concentration-response curves for(More)
The effects of GABA receptor agonists were investigated on guinea-pig isolated ileum longitudinal muscle with intact myenteric plexus. Electrical field stimulation (1 Hz, 10 s) of the histamine (1 microM)-precontracted preparation caused a contraction followed by a relaxation. Relaxations were inhibited by L-N(G)-nitroarginine (L-NA; EC50 3 microM) in a(More)
The release of newly synthesised [3H]acetylcholine was evoked by electrical field stimulation (5 Hz, 600 pulses) of epithelium-deprived guinea-pig trachea strips after sensory neuropeptides depletion with 3 microM capsaicin. The selective tachykinin NK(2) receptor agonist [betaAla(8)]neurokinin A-(4-10) increased in a concentration-dependent manner the(More)
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