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Novel E. coli mutants deficient in biosynthesis of 5- methylaminomethyl -2-thiouridine were isolated based on a phenotype of reduced readthrough at UAG codons. They define 2 new loci trmE and trmF , near 83' on the E. coli map. These mutants are different from strains carrying trmC mutations, which are known to confer a methylation deficiency in(More)
16 lac frameshift mutants induced by an acridine derivative, ICR-191D, in E. coli are leaky for beta-galactosidase activity. Activities of all mutants differ from each other and from the wild type in their stability to thermal denaturation. The leakiness is under ribosomal control, since it is strongly reduced by strA restrictive mutations and is restored(More)
We examined the effect of miaA, a mutation conferring a deficiency in 2-methylthio-N6-isopentenyladenosine in tRNA, on patterns of peptidyl-tRNA accumulation in Escherichia coli strains deficient in peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase activity. A specific reduction in peptidyl-tRNA accumulation was seen for tRNAs which normally contain the(More)
Predominant enterobacteria from infants with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) were examined for an unusual ability to ferment lactose. One such isolate, a Klebsiella pneumoniae strain, was partially induced for lactose operon expression in tryptone containing media, and was also pathogenic in a rabbit ileal loop model for NEC. A spontaneous segregant of this(More)
We have isolated two regulatory mutants altered in the leader region of the Escherichia coli tryptophan (trp) operon. In one mutant, trpL29, the AUG translation start codon for the trip leader peptide is replaced by AUA. The other mutant, trpL75, has a G leads to A change at residue 75, immediately after the UGA translation stop codon for the trp leader(More)
Readthrough and suppression of nonsense codons was compared in Escherichia coli strains with and without a miaA mutation, which confers a loss of the isopentenyladenosine modification in transfer RNA. Generally speaking, our results conform to predictions based on previous literature. In addition, we showed that the miaA mutation in strain TRPX is itself a(More)
TheargC, B andH loci ofEscherichia coli K-12 form a clockwise polarized operon. Deletions covering the adjacentargE gene and the left part ofargC have a polar effect onargB andH. By marking theargH gene of the polarargEC-1 mutant with a nonsense (UAG) mutation, we have shown that reactivation ofargH expression by chromosomal duplication can occur de novo(More)