D. Elouadghiri

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We examine the problem of evaluating the performance of TCP connections over wide area networks. Our approach combines experimental and analytic methods, and proceeds in three steps. First, we have used measurements taken over Renater to provide a basis for the chosen analytic model. This model turns out to be a shared bottleneck model, in which a finite(More)
In order to control the ow in TCP/IP protocol, each TCP source uses a transmission window which indicates the number of packets that may be transmitted by the source but not yet acknowledged by the destination. We consider the Tahoe algorithm 7] developed by Van Jacobson for the adjustment of the window size and the computations of time-out values. This(More)
In this paper we investigate the performances of the EFCI-based (Explicit Forward Congestion Indication) and ER-based (Explicit Rate) algorithms for the rate-based flow control of the ABR (Available Bit Rate) traffic in an ATM network. We consider the case of two switches in tandem. We present several definitions of bottleneck, and provide conditions that(More)
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