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Pelvic ultrasound has become very important in the diagnostic planning of utero-vaginal malformations. Having studies 93 congenital malformations of the utero-vaginal tract, the authors used ultrasound investigations as a first or second line of approach. They are able to describe the way ultrasound can be used for each type of malformation. Ultrasound is(More)
A multicenter study was able to utilize 120 medical files of children born from mothers who presented an abnormal thyroid function, 67 euthyroid goiters, 29 hyperthyroidisms, and 24 hypothyroidisms. In the first case, whether or not an inhibiting treatment was initiated, all children were perfectly normal. In case of maternal hyperthyroidism, the risk of(More)
Hare-lips and cleft palates are the most frequent manifestations of facial malformations (approximately 1 in 1,000 deliveries). The authors point out their technique for ultrasound assessment of the normal and pathological fetal face in the antenatal period. The antenatal examination gives an excellent diagnostic approach of the site and the nature and the(More)
Measurement, in amniotic fluid, of gamma-glutamyl-transferase (GGT) alkaline phosphatase and of thermostable and thermolabile (TLAP) isoenzyme allows to anticipate the unexpected risk of hyaline membrane disease. ROC method adapted to three ratio of these enzymatic activities shows that TLAP/GGT is the most performant at the level of 0.9 with a sensitivity(More)
Amniotic fluid infection and its principal sequel bacterial infection of the newborn are major problems in obstetric pathology. The authors hav analysed prospectively 346 obstetrical casenotes over a period of 18 months in order to try to describe and specify the clinical features and to try and work out using bacteriological tests the risk of infecting the(More)
The Hellp syndrome defined as the association of micro-angiopathic haemolytic anemia, hepatic cytolysis and thrombocytopenia, correspond to a severe form of gravidic toxemia, combined to manifestations of classic-pre-eclampsia. This retrospective study, conducted over 6 years, concerns 9 cases of Hellp syndrome, including 2 occurring during the immediate(More)
In 18 women compared with 1,181 controls, foetal digestive tract stenoses were discriminated, independently of the gestational age, by a more than 50 IU/l level of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase in the amniotic fluid. This test had a specificity of 99% and a sensitivity of 85% which was accounted for by the inclusion in the study of distal stenoses and(More)
The authors are reporting 11 communicating uteri's cases. This class of uterine malformation present 1 a 2% of the malformation. They report Musset's classification and Toaff too. The Musset's type 2 is more frequent. After a summary of diagnostic, the authors describe the treatment during and outside the pregnancy.
The role of the thyroid gland in sterility is not well known; hyperthyroidism may have an effect upon estrogen secretion by decreasing the level of the free forms of estradiol, resulting in a lowering or disappearance of the LH ovulatory peak. Clinically, severe hypothyroidism would cause a retarded sexual development but simple hypothyroidism and(More)
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