D E de Nijs

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We report the coexistence of ferromagnetic order and superconductivity in UCoGe at ambient pressure. Magnetization measurements show that UCoGe is a weak ferromagnet with a Curie temperature T(C)=3 K and a small ordered moment m(0)=0.03 micro(B). Superconductivity is observed with a resistive transition temperature T(s)=0.8 K for the best sample.(More)
We report upper critical field B(c2)(T) measurements on a single-crystalline sample of the ferromagnetic superconductor UCoGe. B(c2)(0) obtained for fields applied along the orthorhombic axes exceeds the Pauli limit for B parallela,b and shows a strong anisotropy B(c2)(a) approximately B(c2)(b)>>B(c2)(c). This provides evidence for an equal-spin pairing(More)
We report zero-field muon-spin rotation and relaxation measurements on the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe. Weak itinerant ferromagnetic order is detected by a spontaneous muon-spin precession frequency below the Curie temperature TC=3 K. The micro+ precession frequency persists below the bulk superconducting transition temperature Tsc=0.5 K, where it(More)
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