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We have found that intradermal injection of native type II collagen extracted from human, chick or rat cartilage induces an inflammatory arthritis in approximately 40% of rats of several strains whether complete Freund's adjuvant or incomplete Freund's adjuvant is used. Type I or III collagen extracted from skin, cartilage proteoglycans and alpha1(II)(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory synovial disease thought to involve T cells reacting to an antigen within the joint. Type II collagen is the major protein in articular cartilage and is a potential autoantigen in this disease. Oral tolerization to autoantigens suppresses animal models of T cell-mediated autoimmune disease, including two models of(More)
A type II collagen-specific arthritogenic lymphokine has been identified in the rat. Arthritogenic factor (AF) is a 65 kD protein generated in vitro by T cells from rats with collagen arthritis, and it induces an erosive, proliferative synovitis when injected into the knee joint of syngeneic naive recipients. Complement does not appear to be required. These(More)
Our aim was to assess whether "idiopathic" bilateral progressive sensorineural hearing loss (BPSHL) has an immunological cause in some patients; antibodies to native type II collagen were sought by an ELISA in eighteen patients with BPSHL, before and after corticosteroid treatment, and in twelve patients with Menière's disease, fifteen with otosclerosis,(More)
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