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The mechanism of musculoskeletal pain underlying low level static exertions, such as those experienced during computer work, is poorly understood. It was hypothesized that static postural and visual stress experienced during computer work might contribute to trigger point development in the trapezius muscles, resulting in myofascial pain. A study was(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the biomechanical impact of commercially available alternate keyboard designs.DESIGN. A repeated measures study was conducted in a laboratory setting, with planned comparisons of Pitch, Roll and Yaw angles of the keyboards. Ten keyboard conditions were tested. Dependent measures included tendon travel, wrist deviations, and wrist and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed the impact of keyboard angles (in terms of Pitch, Roll and Yaw) on tendon travel and wrist and finger joint kinematics for the flexor digitorum profundus and flexor digitorum superficialis.DESIGN. A repeated measures, laboratory study was conducted. Independent variables were three Pitch angles, three Roll angles, three Yaw(More)
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