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One hundred and sixty women admitted for breast tumour biopsy to the King's College Hospital group have been followed sequentially for 2 years. Sixty-nine women had early operable breast cancer and 91 had benign breast disease. All these women had serum immunoglobulin IgG, IgA, IgM and IgE levels measured preoperatively and postoperatively at 3 months, 1(More)
A high percentage of patients with acute leukaemia in established remission develop chronic liver disease: how important hepatitis-B-virus (HBV) infection is as an aetiological factor is not clear. The presence of HBV markers in liver and serum of 23 leukaemic children with liver disease was investigated at the time of a diagnostic biopsy just before(More)
Expression of HLA DR antigens on T lymphocytes indicates that these cells are actively involved in an immune response. Raised levels of activated T lymphocytes were found in 14 of 15 recently diagnosed but in only 7 of 28 long-standing insulin-dependent diabetics. 9 of the recently diagnosed patients retested 6 months later still had high levels of(More)
123 patients who had been treated for carcinoma of the bladder and who were clinically recurrence-free at the time of their initial Makari skin test are being followed-up; 77 were negative and 46 positive. 48 of these patients have been followed-up so far, for 3-9 months, with cystoscopic review and repeat Makari testing; 75 have still to be followed-up.(More)