D E Taneyhill

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 Isoenzymes were used to evaluate gene diversity and genetic differentiation among six populations of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) in France. We contrast the genetic characteristics of a population resulting from a recent colonization with those of a much older population of the same species. No significant genetic structure was observed among populations;(More)
We analyse the population dynamic effects of sex ratio distortion by vertically transmitted, feminizing parasites. We show that, for diploid hosts, sex ratio distortion may lead to extinction as males become too rare to maintain the host population through reproduction. Feminizers can magnify Allee effects, broadening the range of conditions leading to(More)
The amphipod Gammarus duebeni harbours several species of vertically transmitted microsporidian parasites. G. Duebeni were collected from 3 localities in the UK. Animals from Budle Bay, Northumberland, were infected with Octosporea effeminans, and those from Millport, Isle of Cumbrae and Fenham Flats, Northumberland were infected with microsporidia of the(More)
Stochastic growth processes abound in the biology of parasitism, and one mathematical tool that is particularly well suited for describing such phenomena is the Galton-Watson branching process. Introduced more than a century ago to settle a debate over the rate of disappearance of surnames in the British peerage, branching processes are applied today in(More)
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