D. E. Swenson

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DE OYA, MANUEL, WILLIAM F. PRIGGE, DONNA E. SWENSON, AND FRANCISCO GRANDE. Role of glucagon on fatty liver production in birds. Am. J. Physiol. 221(l) : 25-30. 1971 .-Infusions of glucagon (0.22 pg/kg per min) and of oleic acid (2.0 mEq/kg per hr), maintaining in geese similar levels of plasma free fatty acids (FFA), had d ff i erent effects on plasma and(More)
Societal problems and industrial problems, if they are to be studied analytically, will require two broad components: first, a structure or model to analyze the interaction of the variables; and second, a large scale data base. The data base may be used in various ways, such as validation of the model's parameters, input data for actual runs of the model,(More)
Chemical investigations of two fungal isolates initially identified as members of the genus Phialemonium are described. Both isolates were obtained as colonists of other fungi collected on the island of Hawaii and were later assigned as P. curvatum. However, P. curvatum has recently been reclassified as a member of a new genus (Phialemoniopsis) and renamed(More)
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