D E Erkenbrack

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The ability of non-thyroidal stimuli to affect the binding affinity and capacity of solubilized nuclear receptors for thyroid hormones was studied in a normal homeostatic system (erythropoiesis) and a pathobiologic one (lung-ozone interaction). No significant effects on affinity were found, as Kd control values for receptors derived from rat bone marrow(More)
Binding of T3 and T4 to soluble nuclear extracts of FRTL-5 cells, rabbit thyroid glands, and rat liver was studied. [125I]Iodo-T3 or [125I]iodo-T4 in concentration ranges of 100-fold (10-fold on each side of measured Kd) was incubated with extract at 4 C, pH 8.2, and the quantity of bound hormone was determined by collection on nitrocellulose filters. The(More)
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