D E Casentini-Borocz

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Human placental tissue contains regulatory molecules that may prevent allo-sensitization. Recently, a 14 kDa beta-galactoside binding protein with demonstrated immunoregulatory properties has been cloned using cDNA from human placenta and expressed in Escherichia coli. The present study assesses the ability of this recombinant immunomodulatory lectin(More)
Using a recently described method for efficiently deriving homozygous targeted alleles in embryonic stem cells, we produced chimeric mice whose tissues were derived partially from embryonic stem cells bearing homozygous deletion of the mouse immunoglobulin heavy-chain joining (JH) region. Characterization of these chimeric mice indicated that homozygous JH(More)
Full length cDNAs coding for a 14-kDa beta-galactoside binding lectin have been isolated from HL-60 cells and human placenta. Oligonucleotide probes based on a pentapeptide present in several partial sequences of homologous human lectins were used to screen a lambda GT10 HL-60 cDNA library. The HL-60 cDNA clones that were isolated were used to design a(More)
A dual-enzyme immunoconjugate system was evaluated for its cytotoxic effect on Candida tropicalis. Glucose oxidase, which generates hydrogen peroxide in the presence of glucose and oxygen and myeloperoxidase, which catalyzes the oxidation of halides in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, were each conjugated to a C. tropicalis-specific monoclonal antibody.(More)
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