D E Cadwallader

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Studies to determine the bioavailability of all-trans-retinoic acid from a microencapsulated product were carried out using rats as test animals. The microcapsules were tableted in rat food and individual rats given a tablet containing the equivalent of 10 mg of all-trans-retinoic acid. Comparisons were made with bioavailability data obtained after(More)
An in vitro dynamic method for evaluating the hemolytic potential of intravenous solutions has been developed. The method utilizes an in vitro flow system that provides a reasonable simulation of blood circulation at sites for intravenous injections. Physical variables such as internal diameter of tubing, flow rate of red blood cell (RBC) suspension and(More)
An automated potentiometric procedure was used in dissolution rate studies to determine the effects of various hydrodynamic conditions on dissolution rate determinations. Changes in the hydrodynamics of the system resulted from using various sizes and shapes of dissolution vessels. Dissolution rate constants for benzoic acid prills in distilled water at(More)