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Three nonspiking interneurons are described in this paper that influence the activity of the motor neurons of three muscles of the proximal leg joints of the stick insect. Interneurons were recorded and stained intracellularly by glass microelectrodes; motor neurons were recorded extracellularly with oil-hook electrodes. The motor neurons innervate the two(More)
The activity of the motor neuron pools of the protractor coxae muscle and of the thoracic part of the depressor trochanteris muscle during forward walking in the stick insect was investigated, and a spiking local interneuron, able to produce "endogenous bursting" and innervating both motor neuron pools, was identified. Extracellular recordings of the motor(More)
1. In the stick insect, proprioceptive information from the middle leg is used to define the target for the swing movement of the adjacent rear leg ("targeting behavior"). To investigate the underlying neural circuits, intracellular recordings were made in the ganglion controlling the rear leg, the metathoracic ganglion, while systematically moving the(More)
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