D. E. Abel

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This paper discusses a new approach to making hybrid power electronic circuits by combining a low-temperature (850°C to 950°C) co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate, planar LTCC ferrite transformers/inductors and integrated passive components into a multilayer monolithic package using a ferrite-based LTCC material system. A ferrite tape functions as the base(More)
A model is presented for defect insertion and detection in software development. The model, which is based on a high-level, generic concept of the software life cycle, allows for the estimation of final defect content based on estimates of several process factors: defect insertion rate, defect detection ratio, spreading ratio and traceability factor. It is(More)
Welding with laser beams is an innovative technique, which leads to higher penetration depth and a narrower seam compared to conventional welding techniques. One significant criterion of the quality of a junction is the penetration depth. Within this article a predictive control scheme is presented that optimises the process' input laser power by taking the(More)
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