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The complex business strategies of cloud services make Job scheduling a challenging issue. The mapping of user jobs onto a computing resource to achieve maximum benefit, satisfying the varying QoS of user's jobs, is the ultimate goal of a cloud provider. As this scheduling problem belongs to the family of combinatorial problems, it cannot be formulated as a(More)
Here, we present our recent attempt to develop a lightweight handwriting recognizer suitable for resource constrained handheld devices. Such an application requires real-time recognition of handwritten characters produced on their touchscreens. The proposed approach is well suited for minimal user-lag on devices having only limited computing power in sharp(More)
The design of a 60 kW bidirectional DC-DC converter is addressed in this paper. The paper also discusses the operation and role of dc-dc converter in Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). Various circuits and their analysis are done to review the operation and design of converter. Results show that at 20Hz operation converter efficiency(More)
Desert locusts (DL) are a serious problem during April to August in the deserts and semi-deserts of Republic of Kazakhstan and causing extensive crop damage. There is no institutional and functional mechanism to forecast the habitat of locusts and most of the area remains unnoticed after laying eggs. The key to improve DL forecasting and control depends on(More)